Friday, March 8, 2013

GGN: North Korea Ready for War, Mossad/CIA Aid Ops in Syria, Terrorist I...


John said...

Hi Darko, just wondering if you are still having internet problems,???
I live in Aus and for the past few days cant get your videos to show up on your webpage, the page loads but only the page layout graphics, and story titles appear i cant access your videos, even thru google, found your site but videos wont load? am i the only one or are you still being stuffed around by BB

Darko said...

Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, I'm having 'internet issues.' But the truth is I'm usually having 'issues' every-time I upload videos. I've noticed Alan Watt has been getting attacked pretty hard lately along with links to alternative news sites being 'unavailable.' I noticed the GGN site 'glitch' on Saturday. Not sure what to do. I'm surprised I'm still able to upload at all. Just hope and pray. That's all I (we) can do. Peace.