Friday, December 18, 2020

Nurse Passes Out After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine


By Darko


Just days after a medical worker in Alaska suffered anaphylactic shock and nearly died after taking the COVID-19 vaccine a PR stunt in Tennessee goes terribly wrong. I literally just posted an article about these PR (Public Relations) events earlier today when covering Vice President Pence getting his vaccine. 

I tried to make the point that 'important' people like politicians would not be given same vaccine as the public as it could be bad publicity when people suffer from the side effects on live television. 

Apparently these medical workers are getting the real thing. But her becoming confused and passing out has nothing to do with being injected with an experimental vaccine just minutes beforehand. 

The medical worker in Alaska who suffered from anaphylactic shock minutes after taking the vaccine said she "remained enthusiastic about the vaccine." 

It felt like news coverage you would see in China or the Soviet Union in 1945. Total control of the narrative. Pure propaganda.

Maybe it has nothing to do with the vaccine. But why would someone who passes out "six times in the last six weeks" be allowed to work in the medical profession let alone be used as a human guinea pig on live television?

A nurse in Chattanooga fainted while talking to reporters after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. But she said it was not a side effect of the vaccine.

Tiffany Dover passed out minutes after getting the vaccine Thursday. Dover said she has a medical condition that can sometimes cause her to faint.

Doctors also wanted to reassure those who saw it happen, there is no reason to suspect that this is related to the vaccine.

You trust the doctors don't you? Remember what I said in my other article...They are trying to tell you that what happen didn't really happen. 

" know the nurse that got dizzy, confused and passed out after taking the COVID-19 vaccine..Well...Yeah she didn't get dizzy, confused and pass out because of the COVID-19 vaccine.......Umm.Yeah.'

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