Saturday, March 3, 2012

GGN: NWO Puppet Obama in Birther Crosshairs, Speech Jamming/ EMP Railing...

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Vegeta_Gone_APE said...

good video. i went and watched that video on him discussing the microwave, though. i don't' think he was under the effects of the gadgets in question. maybe bein a lil cynical in that moment :).
i clear my throat more than that. plus you could tell the other guy was having a hard time buying it because that's how most people react. he was smiling half the time. Barrie Tower probably notices this. i think it's a psychological thing that he had to clear his throat. cuz i've been in the same situations when explaining this stuff to a 'tough crowd'. i need to clear my throat multiple times. it's a physiological response or sumtin. cud be wrong. "choking" per se.