Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GGN- News Bulletin :: September 14, 2011 Part 3/3


Anonymous said...

Hey ddarko,
I love your news ... as I do not have time to see all the different news items your taking us to different news items is fabulous.

please check out the following

I think the dumb "convict mentality" still exists here in Australia and particularly with our politicians.. They are very NWO and the Greens are just stupid Agenda 21 stooges.
Take care and keep up the excellent news.
Sally from OZ

Darko said...

Hey Sally,
Thank you very much for checking out GGN and for the CO2 tax link. I know what you're saying in regards to your 'representatives' in Australia. You'd think they would want to be as far away from British policies as possible, but nope; sell-outs like here in the U.S. Take care.