Monday, August 8, 2011

GGN- News Bulletin :: August 8, 2011 Part 2/3


Anonymous said...

Hey you do very well at this, I am ex navy went in 00-04 Navy intell, went to greenville college, and did everything right just to keep landing dead end Jobs. now I work at the mall. Next point good on using right words like "Black not African American" or "Asian not Asian American" and next have you found any news on chipping people? I know IBM is the maker of the chip and CISCO is making the software. And the bird flu any more news on this? its a big thing My dad works for a big Gov place they have a plan set in for this. If you get a chance check this site out buddy... Thank you for the good news wish it was longer Chris. Southern IL.

Darko said...

Thank you very much Chris. The only information on people being chipped is mostly voluntary for storing health records or lost children or pets, but that push has died down in the past few years or so. Many things as of right now seem to be voluntary which is why I try to encourage people to think for themselves as individuals and do what they feel is right. As far as Bird Flu news not anything significant either. Check this site out if you are interested in keeping tabs on that issue:
Thanks again.