Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GGN- War on Terror/ Liberty/ Sovereignty News :: November 10, 2010


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I will not say "I told you so" to anyone who is surprised by things such as the treatment of that woman.

However, many of us were ill treated, scoffed, marginalized, made butts of jokes when we warned people what was coming. We were just loony conspiracy theorists put on the planet to use up boxes of tinfoil.

And now it is here. When President Bush Baby signed in the Noahide Laws in the early 1990's it was inevitable things would progress this way.

But it will get worse. No one listened to our warnings about the Hate Laws that were signed in last spring. Now that one is going to also knock you all on your asses, only with perversions and vileness you cannot even dream of yet.

Americans and Canadians have been sold down the river by their leaders and it ain't pretty.

The last time my crippled 92 year old mother was flying to my brother's she had to hobble without help through the scanner and have her everything searched. Her artificial joints set off alarms which embarrassed her as a dozen guards suddenly showed up.

They found her nail clippers and a metal comb which they confiscated. They also confiscated her bottle of spring water, it was a hot hot August afternoon and she needed her water. Fortunately she was able to pay $3 to replace it on the other side of the check.

My daughters are both beautiful young women and they refuse to fly now. We live on an island and they will drive or bus. No way some perv is gonna feel me up they both say, cos they know they would be "prime terrorist suspects" due to their skintone and exotic appearance.

Anyhow, people need to listen when others go out on a limb to risk reputation to warn them about such things. We don't put ourselves out there because it is fun or gets us attention. We go out on that limb to attempt to open eyes and give people warnings while there is still time to protest and push for change.

Darko said...

That's well said. I'm sorry you and your family had to experience that. I refuse to fly and haven't since 2005. Thanks for the comment Noor al Haqiqa.