Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Internet Free Speech Under Attack by Government, Provocateurs

President Obamas top counter terrorism adviser, John Brennan, recently said on NBCs Meet the Press, that the US faces serious threats in cyberspace. The threats and the vulnerabilities within the cyber domain are serious and significant, he said.

Brennan did not name a specific country (or countries) as being responsible for the threat. President Obama has made cyber security a central issue that his administration is looking to tackle. Back in May 2009, Melissa Hathaway revealed the 60 Day Cyber Security Review, which called for the creation of a cyber security coordinator at the White House. In December, Obama named Howard Schmidt to the post.

Were looking at these issues from the standpoint of espionage from governments, from different individuals, whether they be hackers or terrorist organizations, said Brennan. The opportunities to create problems within the cyber sphere are significant and this government is taking steps.

Another central issue in cyber security, particularly for the US, is that the majority of the critical infrastructure is in the hands of the private sector. Its a very complex and complicated challenge, but we are working very closely with the private sector. Were working very closely with the different instruments of government as well as our foreign partners, he said.

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jasonofcompsci said...

This is a big deal. I'm in no way a foil hatter. But I have seen the government implement censorship effectively. I've seen the internet before censorship and after. It's practicing its effort. Any one who says they will never be able to sensor the internet and "we will resist" are basing that on no facts and movies. Who says you are able to resist. I've seen them do it successfully. The key with speech is to not resist it after your speech is taken but before. Resistance without speech is unrealistic. That's why the founding fathers wanted to ensure we have free speech. The day for resistance (effective at least) is past when we have lost our speech. The day for resistance is before if you want to be realistic. The problems is that there is plenty for the government and corporations to agree should be censored. This adds lubrication to the censoring process. It provides the door to a slippery slope.