Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Real Men Who Stare at Goats

Zachary T Baker
Global Government News

      Many of us who are aware of the disinformation programs that the military industrial complex possesses are not surprised by their latest operation “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” a book written by Ron Johnson in 2006 and adapted into a Hollywood movie this November. It’s unfortunate however that the movie portrays the government as incompetent and incapable of producing such technology instead of the sophisticated, highly efficient Nazi style regime that it has become.

In fact, most of the radical programs such as MK Ultra, Project Monarch and the Montauk Project which delved into the occult have been spearheaded by former Nazi’s who simply continued their research for the military complex in the United States after WWII. This not my opinion, but rather factual historical public knowledge.

Johnson’s book draws parallels between the paranormal military programs of the Cold War and the psychological techniques that are being used for interrogation during the War on Terror. The book traces the evolution of these covert activities over the past three decades, and shows how they are being used toady by U.S. Homeland Security and Iraq.[1]

So why get concerned about a silly movie? It’s just entertainment right? Because General Stubblebine was portrayed as an old careerist who was responsible for creating these projects.

During an interview last December on The Alex Jones Show Stubblebine said military research projects were lacking in the early 1980’s and requirements for efficiency were in high demand . So the commander created the High Performance Task Force that “would allow a person to do things better, not longer, to still meet requirements,” said Stubblebine. He says there were “many” exotic proposals that came across his desk including the staring at goat’s concept which was highly classified at the time.

General Stubblebine was in charge of the strategic side of intelligence and not so much the operational. In other words, it was his responsibility to review proposals that came across his desk and take “it to the people responsible for using it.” Here is where the disinformation plays a role in “The Men Who Stare at Goats.” Johnson’s movie would have you believe Gen. Stubblebine was the sole creator of these exotic military programs.

"Bursting the hearts of animals. This is the idea I'm coming in with. You have access to animals, right?" -excerpt from Johnson’s book.

“I took it to the special forces folks and told them it was something they needed to experiment with,” Stubblebine said. He then turned it over to special forces in Ft. Bragg for military operational use.

When asked if the program was successful the former head of the Intelligence & Security Command said, “Do I believe that it works? Yes. Do I know that it works? No.” According to Stubblebine he witnessed a number of testimonials from special forces in Fort Bragg that verified the program was a success.

Countless movies and shows are purposefully made to confuse people. This is accomplished by having the truth sandwiched in between two lies or vise versa. This gives the pentagon, CIA and other intelligence agencies the ability to tell the mesmerized public what they are up to while at the same time discrediting the serious intent of the content. While they are absorbing the distorted truth via entertainment, the viewer begins to associate the truth aspects as not being real anymore because its being acted out on television.

Even if the book and movie are based on a “true story” the viewer is left with the notion that goofy governments aren’t smart enough to create such lethal programs and if they were successful they’d be used for national security against Cold War adversaries instead of Americans here in the homeland.

If you are still interested in these types of abilities I recommend a video that has been floating on You Tube for the past few years or so. The person being interviewed claims to be one of only twenty people left who participated in the highly classified MK ULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT during the 70’s & 80‘s. Robert Duncan O'Finioan, author of “Deadly Awakening” says he was trained as an assassin with psychic abilities much like the Bourne Identity. O’Finioan says that the program’s goal was to
train a class of super soldiers. Creating a split personality in the  mind allows the body to tap into a hidden strength that could lift a car, endurance to run for days and a very high threshhold for pain.

In the interview, the real life black operations operative described an experience around 1989 in which he was cornered in a fight. According to O'Finioan's claims he reacted with an arsenal of deadly maneuvers that sent a bunch of people to the hospital. He had no recollection of receving formal training prior to the incident. It is his belief that these programs still exist and will continue to be active until the public demands them to be abolished.

It may appear that I’m overanalyzing all of this, but it is vital that citizens do not underestimate the power of the state. It is the epitome of violence. It has a monopoly on violence and when hi-jacked by international elites whose credo is ‘less people is more fun,’ it becomes a killing machine. So before you choose to slip into a sleepy state of mind while watching “The Men Who Stare at Goats” try to remember that as our dollar is devalued by design and civil unrest begins that these types of “experimental” weapons will be turned inward towards the new enemy, its citizens.







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