Friday, September 27, 2013

GGN: Thank You for the Support, GGN is Bigger Than Me, Subtle Changes Are Still Changes

SEPT272013ONE from DDarko2013 on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Deffinatly keep going bro. Been listening to you since 2010 when I moved from Vegas to Virginia. I was looking for an alternative to alex due to the fact most of his shows have no news refferences (which could be false but we are not fiscally in these places we are talking about). Speaking about alex j I heard him on a radio station for the first time ever. Right here on the other side of the planet most isolated city in the world. A suburb in Perth called baldivas. 107.3. Crazy. I was so shocked. This great news because people like you and alex matter. Awsome job keep strong. Your American Australian listener Wes.

Darko said...

Thank you very much for the long time support!!! Man 2010..That's awesome. I think I remember now when you mentioned moving to Australia as an alternative to the crappy US. Appreciate it and happy you find the news reports helpful.