Monday, August 26, 2013

GGN: Professor Calls for Destruction of Whites, Most Whites Breed w/ Non Whites, Jews Aren't 'Whites'

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Anonymous said...

Excellent work. Thanks!
Yeah, the pathetic race-mixers are encouraged by mainstream media; global corporate business; official government propaganda and the education system from kindergarten through post-graduate.
Still, somehow they believe themselves to be in opposition to an imaginary "institutionally racist system".
Apparently the assumed rĂ´le of "rebel" is so deeply ingrained in those wretched slaves, that even when their entire value-system is completely identical to that of the state itself, they won't let go of it. Makes 'em feel good I suppose.

Darko said...

Thank You! It seems these people are pretty far gone from saving. There is no 'waking' them up. Its always more simple to not think for one's self.

Anonymous said...

In reality the global political system is openly anti-white-racist.
So the pre-programmed and implanted propaganda-claim regurgitated by the wretched human drones about an "institutionally racist system" is technically correct.

The state-subsidized trend of racial mixing points one way only, however: the gradual demographic blending out of Nordic-Aryan traits.

Asian mongolians are not blended out racially; Arabs and jews aren't; congoids aren't.
Among the major races of the Earth only the White Nordics, Slavs and Celts are inundated with mass-immigration and the demand to multiculturalize.

Darko said...

I agree with you completely. However it seems no matter how much I want to mention that fact I hold back. I've pressed that point before but pulled back to let the issue cool for a while. But I intend to go at it again. I'm thinking about creating a website/ YT Channel solely for these issues. Its way beyond a 'truther' issue. I only realized that in the last two years, but have only recently started to voice my opinion. Thank you so much for saying what you did.