Monday, June 17, 2013

GGN: White Deaths More Than Births, Chemtrail FX Scaring Experts, Obama Appointing 5 Gay Ambassadors

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benja said...


Can you read,link ? and pass ...
these sites built-in and to fight against a "new" form of
international terrorism (organized crime - screening process) crapulous
covered, mortal, fascist and neo-nazis.
The developers-corporatists (version and local scripts), servers,
weapons and organizers are hosted in Wallonia (Belgium).

There are no / very few references in the official press, moreover
ABSENT (if not, outside primary subjects), because these perpetrators
their crimes and murders are hidden of network communications at
all levels, isolated by process caused and therefore controlled by the
instigators wildly connected in the transmission/reception flow
(to a fusion device) and to the flow of the press. (NetOps, PsyOps).

their SIGINT in the low frequencies is infused throughout the network and also outside. Everything going on the same frequency (LA) and is Like this, they pierce networks, draw a map and geo-referencing relative at the place where the criminals and controls.

The effects are devastating and overall distruptifs

Could you encourage Belgium to give me the means for the emergencie. So far the police put me in a miserable situation protecting criminals, participating in crimes (false flag operations).

All my things were destroyed and perpetrators are destroying my family, I have no more money

I gave the assassins almost two years to the cops of Ciney who blocked me. My means of communication are always taken. The evidence was rejected and others are hidden. Damages are irreversibles with worldwide impacts.

Stalkers target me 24/7 with directed energy weapons and make an ordurious game of harassent under the form o a triangle relay.

They speak permanently (with data minored patterns on a subvocal soundwave locked on my body or near me). They target also with another weapon (low frequencies pulsed/scalar waves) who make serious body pains (genitals, head, foots, theets,...).

My electronics devices, electric tools, electric installations, car are systematicly targeted and saboted.

We are lots of victims aware, and certainly more unaware targeted by murderers and local cops cover the crime and therefore hinders an encounter between victims and between victims and potential helpers

Please help me to find local/physical/concrete contacts with poeple aware/ accepting to be


Benjamin Simon
Corbion 46B 5590 CINEY