Monday, January 16, 2012

GGN :: Slaves Don't Have Privacy, Marijuana/Nicotine Helps Lungs/Memory,...


Lily said...

Hi Zachary! I've sent some friends your way to introduce them to your news programs. I always enjoy your cutting edge style of news blurbs and sensible commentary. Short & sweet is perfect for today's events, so much is happening, and SO quickly!

I'd like to invite you to review a DVD series on education history created & produced by the Tragedy & Hope community (I've mentioned them to you before, additionally, they are partnered with James Corbett, whom you have previously featured in your news blurbs) featuring John Taylor Gatto (, former primary and secondary school teacher & author of several education based books: ""

To get an accurate impression of the flavor of the 4 DVD series with critical commentary by T&H community members, please see peace revolution podcast episodes 41 through 45 (download mp3's for free) right here:

The DVD series is available on youtube completely free, so I am not trying to sell anything to anyone. Here's the beginning playlist:

I hope you find these podcasts and DVDs as interesting and enlightening as I have!

My best as always,

Darko said...

Hey Lily,
Thank you very much for that. BTW, I tried to get into that page/site, but I couldn't not sure what it required of me. Let me know and I'll check it out.


Lily said...

Hiya! I've got to think the site you are referring to is the T&H site? I double checked each of the links I left here the other day, so it must be. Here: (there's a membership site too [ning], which is free, but donations are accepted, of course:

Back to the Gatto interviews, additionally I wanted to mention you are free to clip excerpts for your news show, just to get the education aspect out there. I know you are well aware of what happened to 'schooling' in amerika over the last century or more, & this series nails it.

If that covers things, good. If not, do let me know and I'll do my best to help find the correct site!

All the best,
PS: The peace revolution podcasts may also be right up your alley (& perhaps your listeners, too). Most are replete with history (REAL history), & the citations are ample. Now 46 episodes to choose from. For more on founder of T&H, see (& download the mp3).