Friday, November 4, 2011

GGN- News Bulletin :: November 4, 2011 Part 2/3 (Eugenics, Big Brother a...

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Hey Darko,
Was very interested in the Autism info you gave in this vid. I am a non-Christian 'pastor' researcher working with several Christian and Alt spiritual folks on the infiltrations into the world's spiritualities by the 'new agers' and I can tell you that one of the signs of a 'cointelpro' is this indigo stuff. The crystal-child idea is more of a label used in some groups to categorize members of certain generations and their grasp of supreme being. It has no bearing on a person based in their developmental issues. As soon I heard this I knew it was the "Unity" and "global" crap that is being pushed. Thanks for your updates, they keep me going