Monday, September 26, 2011

GGN- News Bulletin :: September 26, 2011 Part 4/4

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Anonymous said...

I miss your reports .. Sad that I only found your web site through u-tube over 1 month ago and I have looked forward to your news postings.

I pray that you are OK ...
Darko, you are so talented and your news reports were truly a NECESSARY different view that we all need to know about.
For those who criticized you, I am sorry if they upset you ... they were not appreciating all that you do, the energy and commitment you have been putting into your reposts.
Please, please come back soon with more postings.. if not then tell us Goodbye.
Although I do not know you, I thank you and love you as a Universal brother who has compassion and concern for humanity.
Blessings always,
Sally from Aussie land