Monday, August 15, 2011

GGN- News Bulletin :: August 15, 2011 Part 1/3

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Anonymous said...

Hey your news reporting is so honest , truthful and also humorous in places.
You have an originality and your news is so refreshing. I am so sick of the propaganda news channels that have monopoly strangleholds in so many countries.
There is a whole generation being raised to believe the traditional news is the truth because critical thinking is not taught in Schools or Universities any more.
Your news categories are brilliant and sum up "THEIR AGENDA" and how THEY view us (in their perspective "slaves" which I deny) pretty clearly.

Even traditional news does not make much sense as it is about slanted perspectives and disinformation.

Also your personal comments are wonderful.

I congratulate you and hope your GGN takes off and many Y generation start to watch your News as well, and since generation Z's are now in primary or secondary school they are being totally engulfed in the normal media and education lies and have no perspective, so I encourage them to watch your news as well.
Thank you for starting this great news channel.