Friday, July 29, 2011

GGN- News Bulletin :: July 29, 2011 Part 1/3

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Lily said...

Just letting you know that your poll shows up perfectly on my machine. Sometimes one may need to refresh page to bring it to load fully, or alter the text size to get it to show.

Re-inviting you to view/join the site mentioned a few weeks ago, Tragedy&Hope @ Great community that would benefit from your presence, and quite possibly you would enjoy all the historical & current research being presented in one neat & tidy venue. If you prefer, check out the founder (Richard Andrew Grove) who, as an 'insider', has/had a connection to events surrounding the 911 catastrophe, which inspired him to start the community (a rather fascinating story). See: and check out 'project constellation' and/or the interview with Meria Heller.

Thanks much for taking the time to present the news calmly.

My best,