Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Commander in Chief

The role of the president was originated in order to capture a representation of Americans nationwide. A single source who after both sides of an issue has debated come to a final decision. In essence a president can ensure that a healthy balanced approach is taken that the majority of the American people can agree on.

Today's president is an entrepreneur, a businessman, a highly distinguished lawyer. He is no more than an investment that repays the debt incurred for his/her presidency. Gone are the days of stump speeches that emphasized the candidates true character. Gone are the candidates who posses honorable intentions that will involve the needs the of poor and dying middle class.

The irony of the president's image is that it is the millions of Americans who support these future commander and chiefs. The same president and administration that promises to help the struggling Americans during voting season leave their base behind in a delusional sense of well being. This campaigning haze has covered many influential eyes throughout my short life, and has sickened me to the point of near withdrawal due to the redundancy of lies.

No president can ever represent all the people, but they can realistically serve the people as such, a servant. Why is it so hard to listen to your citizens? Because their input interferes withpolitical agendas and ideological propaganda. President George W. Bush has stated that he ignores the media. Well he's right, he does ignore the media, and the public, and his own congress.

Why does our commander in chief "feel uncomfortable" during various briefings, speeches and addresses. It may be the guilt that eats at his soul. These are questions that must be asked of the American people. Will they claim blind allegiance to one man's ego? Maybe the time has come for a president that will posses traits such as humility, common sense, and vision for where their country's beliefs are heading. A Commander in Chief, a soon to be obsolete billet for a political process that supposedly speaks for us.

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